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Capturing and sharing the voice of the consumer and the experience of consumers with your products, packaging, and advertising is one of the most highly valued roles of consumer affairs. As consumer affairs data is more embedded in the quality, manufacturing, and marketing of CPG brands it becomes ever more important to provide accurate data.

Unfortunately it can be increasingly challenging to accurately code the product and precise subject your consumers want to discuss. The expansion of SKUs means that your agents have a growing number of product variations to identify. Over time the list of issues that consumer relations is asked to provide data on inevitably grows. As a result your team is faced with satisfying a consumer and following the right process while selecting from a huge number of possible product/subject combinations!

We have combined our years of experience in this area with wisdom from some of our clients to come up with 10 recommendations to help consumer care teams ensure consistently accurate data.

You will get perspective on:

  • What 'accurate' can mean and the importance of understanding the 'information supply chain'
  • Ways your systems can help your team
  • The processes needed to deliver good data consistently
  • Engaging teams beyond consumer affairs for success